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Does your cat think outside the box?

This litter box is about thinking in the box!

Step in.

Align lengthwise
Think !

Step out.

Junior aligning lengthwise and thinking
Junior stepping into the litterbox

A cat friendly, center entrance is positioned to allow an easy step in and out.

The design provides a cue for your cat to turn and align lengthwise.

High walls keep waste and litter contained.

Junior stepping out of the litterbox

A very smooth finish, flat floor and radiused corners ease cleaning.

The key to a clean litterbox environment, and reducing litter cost, is efficiently removing waste, and avoiding contamination of the remaining litter.

Cat people know ...!

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NVR Miss Litterbox - brown
NVR Miss Litterbox - brown
I bought your NVR miss litterbox about 2 months ago, and quite the opposite, my cat is missing almost every single time she g...
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NVR Miss Litterbox - red
NVR Miss Litterbox - red
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NVR Miss Litterbox wild white
NVR Miss Litterbox wild white
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NVR Miss Litterbox

Seattle Cat Hotel

NVR Miss Litterbox at the Seattle Cat Hotel

Seattle Cat Hotel

  I have a small cat boarding business in Seattle Washington and always looking to improve my business and make it better.
  One issue is controlling litter and the urine of cats that are older, and the ones that stand when they pee! I have tried many litter boxes. The high sided litter boxes on the retail market are not high enough. One can make them from storage boxes, but they are ugly.
  One day, searching the internet I found the NVR Miss Litterbox! I tried one out, just to make sure they work as advertised, and since then have ordered 12 more.
  They are a dream come true! High enough for the worst offender! Their unique shape makes storing simple. Cleaning is a breeze, since they don't have sharp edges to catch soil, and they are smooth and rounded on the inside.
  I like the white ones, as they have a nice sanitary modern look to them, so they look great in the suites, and enhance the clean environment of my Cat Hotel. Thank you Harold for designing these great boxes and making them!

Carleen Cafferty
Seattle Cat Hotel
3108 Mt Rainier Dr So
Seattle, WA 98144